Writing for Mirrors into Windows

Daniel D | April 2020

We heard you were interested in writing with us? That's fantastic news! At Mirrors into Windows, we are about your stories, experiences and reflections and can't wait to help you share them.

At the moment, all contributions to our site are by the invitation of the Editor. We are in the early stages of development and are working hard to make the site more sustainable to open up writing opportunities.

However, the Editor would love to hear from you - if you have a desire to share your reflections on education then please do get in touch!

If you do decide to contribute then you will be joining a great team, all centred around the following principles:

1. Be responsible!

You own your content! We will engage with you during the editorial process, but what you post is always owned by you (including blog posts, comments and profile information). This means you are responsible for making sure what you write is your own work, and that you have permission to post anything that doesn't belong to you (like photos). The Editor isn't responsible for anything you post, but is more than happy to help you make sure your work is ready to be posted!

2. Be engaged! 

We want to create a dialogue, so get involved! Comment on other posts, respond creatively and collaborate with others. Let's get people talking!

3. Be kind!


Disagreement is an important part of dialogue, and at Mirrors into Windows we always manage disagreement with creativity and integrity to further a constructive dialogue.

4. Back-up your work!

The Editor might remove your work from the site at their discretion. Make sure your work is stored somewhere just in case this happens! 

5. One more thing...

Our readers and editorial team might link to your posts through social media and other avenues. Reach out to the Editor if you have any questions!